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With Honor & Gratitude We Remember

Happy Memorial Day from your Clearbrooke Board of Directors

The Board of Directors would like to thank all those who volunteered to help install the signs throughout the community....Oh, wait, we didn't get any volunteers!

It's sad that no one in the community can take a few hours of their time to help their development out. The Board of Directors will be sending out bids for installing the 12 signs and posts needed and will try to fit it into next year's budget. This will delay this project for 12-14 months.

The installation cost estimate per sign is approximately $700, making the total price near $8,400.00.

To alleviate this high cost, we need a few volunteers to help. Can no one spare the time?

The Board of Directors is seeking volunteers to help install sign posts and signs throughout the community. We have approximately 8 signs and posts that need to be replaced.

If you can help, please forward your contact information via any of the following:

Contact Us page
Telephone: (302) 752-2071

Thank you for your help.

Bulletin  Bulletin  Bulletin   Bulletin   Bulletin

One of your neighbor's homes was broken into yesterday afternoon (April 24th).

The security alarm was activated and several construction workers in the area responded to the house. They observed a man with black hair looking at them through the garage window.

No vehicle was noted indicating that the intruder may have been on foot.

The telephone notification system was initiated this morning.

Further information will be posted as received.

Please call the State Police if you have any information related to this.

Related to the break in, a few days earlier a resident followed a white pickup around the development, being driven suspiciously by a man with dark hair.

The truck is a Ford F-150 2002-2009 model year. The left rear quarter panel is crushed and the tag is hung off to the right side of the rear bumper and bears a Maryland number 5BH2709. The word COWLES appears on the left rear tailgate.

At the time there was an additional male passenger in the truck.

The resident called the Delaware State Police who responded immediately and approached the man, who told them he was soliciting for driveway jobs.

Should you see this truck in the development call Delaware State Police Troop 5, Bridgeville at 302-337-1090 immediately.

Thank you, neighbor, for your vigilance.

The Delinquent Dues list located on the Financial Page has been updated.

A map of the lots that are not current on their dues has also been updated.

The updated homeowner's dues collection policy as voted on in the February Board of Director's meeting has been posted on the Restrictions page.

Additionally, the Resident's Directory has been updated and can be found on the same page. This is the directory that is found on the last few pages of the Covenants and Amendments booklet.

A big thank you to Emilia Behr for putting this document together.

A "Special Announcements" section has been added to the Our Neighbors page.

To have an item included in this section, please contact the HOA via the Contact Us page.

Please take a trip over there to see what's going on.


Look Who's Moved Into
Clearbrooke Estates!

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Shana Garrison

Allenn & Heather Garison

Special Announcement

It has been brought to our attention that people either dropping off or picking up their children at the school bus stops in the community are parking on the lawns of privately owned lots.

When you are waiting for the school bus to arrive, please be cognizant of where you are parking and stay on the paved portion of the roadway.

It will be greatly appreciated.

Please be advised that there are one or two youths that have been shooting at houses in our community with an air rifle type weapon.

Most of the activity has occurred in the northern section of the development.

Should anyone observe any of this activity, please contact the State Police at 302-337-1090 immediately.

Thank you.

The April Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes are posted on the Restrictions Page.

Friendly Neighbors

Give your neighbors a friendly wave as you pass them in the community.

There have been a multitude of reports of violations of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. Trash cans located in the front of homes, swimming pools without fences and mattresses on front porches are a few examples of violations. Avoid violations and fine sanctions by adhering to the guidelines that keep Clearbrooke Estates a beautiful place to live.

The HOA Board appreciates the members' feedback. Unfortunately some members communicate without identifying themselves. The Board of Directors cannot/will not respond to any future complaints or concerns that do not identify the source.

Did you know you require approval from the HOA for building additions, including pools (both in-ground and above ground), fences, decks and sheds?

Contact the Board of Directors for specifications, applications and approval PRIOR to starting any projects.